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Anime Name :-Vampire Dormitory  

Other Name :-Death March kara Hajimaru Isekai Kyousoukyoku

Anime Genre :-Romance, Supernatural,Drama,,

Season:- 01

Total Episodes : 12

Anime  Running time:- 24.minut per Episode

Language :-Japaness(Hindi Subbed)

Rating: PG-16 - Teens 16 or older


Mito Yamamoto, a beautiful man, works at a restaurant where women swarm daily. The restaurant owner fires him, leaving him unemployed and without a place to call home.

Mito gets a cut in a cafe and Ruka Saotome, a vampire, licks his blood, claiming it tastes disgusting. Later, Mito slips off a bridge and is caught by Ruka, who reveals himself to be a vampire. Ruka explains that a man's blood tastes disgusting, and the blood of someone unloved has even worse flavors. 

He proposes that Mito fill this role and allow Ruka's affections to "ripen" his blood. Mito accepts and lives with Ruka in the Hijirigaoka Boys' Academy dormitory, but Mito is actually a girl.

Other Details:-

Mito Yamamoto, a teenage orphan, has spent her childhood living with relatives who saw her as a burden. After her parents' death, she is kicked out by one of her relatives and becomes homeless.

 She secretly sleeps at a ramen shop and crossdresses as a boy to protect herself. While searching for another job, she accidentally breaks a vase and cuts her finger, causing it to bleed.

 Waiter Ruka Saotome takes her to the back room to tend to her injury, but he licks off the blood from her cut, making her leave. Mito contemplates suicide, but is rescued by Ruka, 

who is revealed to be a vampire and bites on her neck while sucking her blood. He suggests that Mito become his thrall to fill the position, and she moves in with Ruka at Hijirigaoka Boys' Academy, where she continues to conceal her real gender by posing as a student.

The following characters are featured in the anime series: Mito Yamamoto, Ruka Saotome, Ren Nikaido, Komori, Takara Kagurazaka, and Juri. The voices of these characters include Kana Ichinose, Nia Celeste, Shun'ichi Toki, Comona Lewin, Yūichirō Umehara, Nick Huber, Wataru Hatano, Bradley Gareth, Yusuke Shirai, Matt Shipman, and Yuki Sakakihara.
considered unattractive by humans of the other world.

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Episode 01_04

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