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Full Time Magister  Hindi Subbed  - Anime Information

Anime NameFull Time Magister 
Japanese NameQuanzhi Fashi
Anime GenreAction, Fantasy, School,Romance,
Total Episodes12 
Running Time24 minutes
LanguageJapanese (Hindi Sub)
RatingPG-16 - Teens 16 or older

Full Time Magister


In a realm where magic reigns supreme, Mo Fan, an aloof high schooler from a humble background, finds himself thrust into a world vastly different from his own. Here, magic replaces science, and the mastery of spells is paramount for survival against the looming threat of monstrous beasts.

Born the son of a poor laborer and the caretaker of his disabled sister, Mo Fan's aspirations soar beyond his circumstances. Despite the odds stacked against him, he dreams of attending a prestigious magic school, not only to fulfill his desires but also to repay his father's tireless efforts.

Accepted into one of the realm's most renowned magic institutions, Mo Fan's arrival is met with ridicule and skepticism. Rumors of his poverty and alleged lack of magical prowess brand him as the laughing stock of the school. However, beneath his unassuming exterior lies untapped potential waiting to be unleashed.

Through perseverance and determination, Mo Fan discovers an extraordinary talent within himself. Not only does he command the fierce flames of the fire element, but he also harnesses the elusive power of lightning—a feat unheard of among his peers.

Armed with dual elemental abilities, Mo Fan embarks on a journey filled with perilous encounters and thrilling adventures. As he navigates through the intricate web of magical society, he faces formidable challenges and unforeseen adversaries.

But with each trial he overcomes, Mo Fan's resolve strengthens, and his reputation begins to shift from ridicule to reverence. Alongside newfound allies and steadfast friends, he unravels the mysteries of his newfound powers and uncovers the truth behind his extraordinary abilities.

As the dual mage, Mo Fan becomes a beacon of hope in a world plagued by darkness. With every spell he casts and every enemy he vanquishes, he inches closer to fulfilling his destiny and reshaping the fate of the realm.

"Elemental Strife: The Dual Mage" chronicles the epic saga of Mo Fan as he rises from obscurity to become a legend—a tale of courage, resilience, and the indomitable spirit of a young mage determined to defy the odds and carve his own path in a world of magic and mystery.

[Written by YBX Anime]

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Season 2
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