Ancient Girls Frame Hindi Subbed (Complete) Dou Shen Ji

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Ancient Girls Frame Hindi Subbed - Anime Information

Anime NameAncient Girls Frame
Japanese NameDou Shen Ji
Anime GenreAction, Sci-Fi, Mecha, Space,Drama,
Total Episodes12 (Complete)
Running Time24mint minutes
LanguageJapanese (Hindi Sub)
RatingPG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Ancient Girls Frame


In the distant reaches of the cosmos, where the flicker of distant stars dances in the void, humanity's aspirations stretched beyond the confines of Earth. It was an age where the discovery of DG energy ignited a blaze of progress, propelling mankind to the farthest corners of the universe. But with exploration came confrontation, as the enigmatic Nergal emerged from the shadows, casting a sinister shadow over the burgeoning colonies.

Among the valiant defenders stood the Earth Alliance Army, armed with ingenuity and resilience. Their trump card? The AG Units, towering constructs of ancient lore, wielding the G's Frame, relics of a forgotten era. Piloted by the extraordinary Ancient Girls, these formidable machines stood as humanity's last hope against the encroaching darkness.

In the wake of a devastating battle on the fringes of the solar system, where the icy heart of Pluto bore witness to the clash of titans, tragedy struck. The AG Unit 04, helmed by the indomitable Minamiya Reiu, vanished amidst the chaos, leaving a void in the ranks of the defenders.

Years passed, but the memory of Reiu's sacrifice lingered, a beacon of inspiration for those who followed in her wake. Among them was her younger sister, Minamiya Reika, whose resolve burned bright with the flames of determination. Enlisting with the AG Unit, Reika embarked on a journey not only to unravel the mystery of her sister's disappearance but to safeguard the future of humanity from the relentless onslaught of the Nergal.

With each battle, Reika forged bonds of camaraderie and courage, drawing strength from the companions who stood by her side. From the crimson fields of Mars to the swirling maelstroms of Jupiter's stormy skies, the AG Unit blazed a trail of defiance against the encroaching darkness.

But as the shadows deepened and the Nergal's onslaught intensified, Reika's resolve was tested like never before. Amidst the chaos of battle, whispers of her sister's fate haunted her dreams, driving her onwards even as despair threatened to consume her.

In the climactic showdown against the Nergal's dread forces, where the fate of worlds hung in the balance, Reika stood undaunted, her spirit unyielding against the tide of despair. With the G's Frame at her command, she unleashed the fury of ages past, a testament to the indomitable spirit of humanity.

In the crucible of conflict, where steel clashed against shadow and hope battled despair, Reika emerged victorious, her sister's memory a guiding light in the darkest of nights. And as the stars bore witness to their triumph, a new dawn rose over the cosmos, heralding a future where courage and determination would forever reign supreme.

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