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Anime Name :-UQ Holder!  

Other Name :-UQ Holder! Mahou Sensei Negima! 

Anime Genre :-Action, Fantasy, Sci-Fi,shounen,

Season:- 01

Total Episodes : 12+3 OVA

Anime  Running time:- 24.minut per Episode

Language :-Japaness(Hindi Subbed)

Rating: PG-16 - Teens 16 or older


Tōta Konoe, the grandson of Negi Springfield, dreams of leaving his village to live in Shin-Tokyo, a city with a tower structure.

 After being mortally wounded by a bounty hunter, he discovers he has been transformed into an immortal vampire by Yukihime, a 700-year-old vampire mage. They meet Kuromaru and travel to a secret society called UQ Holder outside Shin-Tokyo.

Other Details:-

UQ Holder is a secret organization of immortals and yokai led by Yukihime, residing at the Senkyokan estate in Shin-Tokyo. Its main members are known as Numbers and its goals are to protect other immortals living on Earth and help outcasts of society. The group also aims to protect humans from immortals intent on destroying society.

Tōta Konoe is a 14-year-old boy raised by Yukihime after his parents died in a car accident. His grandfather was assumed to be the legendary magician Negi Springfield. Tōta discovers he has been transformed into a vampire and drinks her blood to affirm his immortality. He dreams of being worthy to ascend Amanomihashira, the tower in Shin-Tokyo that leads into outer space.

Yukihime, a 700-year-old vampire, adopts the alias "Yukihime" and establishes the secret "UQ Holder" society for immortal beings. She becomes Tōta's guardian after she was involved in a car accident that killed his birth parents. Later, it is revealed that Yukihime had met Tōta centuries before becoming his guardian due to a temporal paradox and bonded with him at that time.

Evangeline A.K. McDowell, a 700-year-old vampire, later married Nagi Springfield after he was freed from Ialda's control by Negi. Yukihime becomes Ialda's newest host after Tōta sacrifices himself for 47 years to save the Earth.

Kurōmaru Tokisaka is a character who is a clone of Negi and Asuna Kagurazaka. They are both portrayed as powerful and mysterious entities in the series.

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