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Moriarty the Patriot Hindi Subbed - Anime information

Anime NameMoriarty the Patriot
Japanese NameYuukoku no Moriarty 
Anime GenreMystery,Suspense,Adult Cast,
Historical, Organized Crime,
Psychological, Shounen
Total Episodes124 (Complete)
Running Time24 minutes
LanguageJapanese (Hindi Sub)
RatingPG-13 - Teens 13 or older

Moriarty the Patriot


In the sprawling metropolis of Victorian London, where opulence and poverty collide in a cacophony of contrasts, Albert Moriarty, scion of the esteemed Moriarty family, stands at the precipice of revolution. Disillusioned by the corruption and cruelty of the British nobility, Albert seeks to dismantle the oppressive class system that shackles the masses.

With an unyielding resolve and a keen intellect, Albert takes under his wing two kindred spirits, Louis and his enigmatic brother, who share his fervent disdain for the aristocracy. Together, they embark on a daring scheme to topple the pillars of privilege and pave the way for a new era of equality.

Their audacious plan unfolds with precision and purpose as they orchestrate the downfall of Albert's tyrannical brother, William, and incinerate the ancestral seat of the Moriarty family in a blaze of defiance. Renouncing their aristocratic heritage, they forge a bond that transcends blood ties, united in their quest to reshape the world in the crucible of their shared vision.

But their path to revolution is fraught with peril, for lurking in the shadows of London's labyrinthine streets is a figure as cunning as he is elusive: Sherlock Holmes, the legendary detective whose keen mind is a formidable adversary to their cause. Intrigued by the enigmatic Lord of Crime and his intricate machinations, Sherlock becomes entangled in a deadly game of cat and mouse, where every move is a calculated gambit and every clue a tantalizing puzzle.

As Albert, now assuming the guise of William, and Sherlock engage in a battle of wits that spans the breadth of London's underworld, they grapple with questions of morality, justice, and the true nature of power. For Albert, the pursuit of a better world is both a noble crusade and a perilous descent into darkness, while for Sherlock, it is a test of his intellect and his principles as he seeks to unravel the mysteries that shroud the Lord of Crime in shadow.

In a city where secrets lurk behind every corner and alliances are forged and shattered with a whisper, Albert and Sherlock stand as titans on opposite sides of an ideological divide. But as their paths converge and destinies collide, they will discover that the true measure of their worth lies not in the pursuit of victory, but in the choices they make and the sacrifices they are willing to endure for the greater good.

Other Details:

William James Moriarty

William is the mastermind behind perfect crimes aimed at dismantling the class system and reforming society. He orchestrates elaborate schemes to help victims seek revenge while leaving no evidence behind.

Albert James Moriarty

Albert, the eldest Moriarty brother, serves as a lieutenant colonel in the British army before retiring to head MI6 under Mycroft Holmes's watchful eye. He adopts William and Louis, believing in William's vision of societal reform.

Louis James Moriarty

Louis, the youngest Moriarty brother, suffers from an unknown illness. Eventually, he takes over the leadership roles of both his brothers, continuing their mission to reshape society.

Sherlock Holmes

Sherlock is William's friend and rival, working as a consulting detective. He assists Scotland Yard and other clients with cases they can't solve, often finding himself entangled in William's intricate schemes.

John H. Watson

Watson is a veteran combat medic and Sherlock's loyal flatmate. He assists in solving cases and chronicles their adventures with heavy fictionalizations.

Fred Porlock

Porlock is an associate of William's, a master of disguise and martial arts. He acts as William's spy and information broker, aiding in the execution of their plans to reshape society.

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Moriarty the Patriot Hindi Subbed Moriarty the Patriot Hindi Subbed Moriarty the Patriot Hindi Sub

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