Elfen Lied Hindi Subbed Season 1 (Complete)

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Elfen Lied Hindi Subbed Season 1 (Complete)


Anime Name :-Elfen Lied

Other Name :- Elfen Lied

Anime Genre :-Action, Drama, Horror, Romance, Supernatural,Gore, Psychological,Seinen,

Season:- 01

Total Episodes : 13

Anime  Running time:- 24.minut per Episode

Language :-Japaness(Hindi Subbed)

Rating: PG-18 - Teens 18 or older


Lucy, a special breed of human with a short pair of horns and invisible telekinetic hands, is a victim of inhumane scientific experimentation by the government. When she escapes, she unleashes a torrent of bloodshed, causing a crippling head injury that leaves her with a split personality. Unknowingly, Kouta and his cousin Yuka take Lucy into their care, unaware of her murderous tendencies. This act of kindness changes their lives, as they are dragged into the shadowy world of government secrecy and conspiracy.

Other Details:-

Lucy, also known as Kaede (楓) and Nyu (にゅう, Nyū), is a diclonius girl and the main protagonist of the series. She is assumed to be fifteen but never explicitly stated, and has vectors with a limited range of about two meters (6.56168 ft). Lucy hates humans mainly because of her abuse by her human peers as a child, leading to her brutal murdering them out of revenge. She discounts non-diclonii, claiming they are not real people, to the point of telling Nana that she has "not killed one of her own yet."

Lucy seems to lack empathy and kills without much concern as a usual first reaction, often killing on reflex or simply because she can. She is incredibly sadistic, severing limbs and blinding foes, leaving them to bleed to death rather than killing them outright. Despite this lack of concern for human life, Lucy will not harm Kouta, and cries and apologizes for killing his family in a fit of jealousy. She loves Kouta, but due to her actions in the past, she believes he will be content without her existence. As the series progresses, she develops a wider vocabulary and is able to speak perfectly normal.

Nyu is a headmate of Lucy that developed after a.50 BMG round pierces the metallic helmet encasing her head when she escaped. She has a childlike personality and infantile knowledge of the world, lacking spoken language skills. As the series progresses, she develops a wider vocabulary and becomes more innocent and incapable of violent acts. Lucy subconsciously encourages her presence due to her feelings of guilt towards Kouta and to prevent her from harming him.

Nyu cuts her hair to try to be in appearance like Kouta's deceased little sister Kanae, whom he said horrible things to before she died at the hands of Lucy. When Kouta asks Nyu what she is up to, she says, 'I'm Kanae!' and says she forgave Kouta.

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Episode 01_06

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