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 The Fable Hindi Subbed - Anime Information

Anime Name The Fable
Japanese Name The Fable
Anime GenreAction, School, Super Power, Shounen
Total Episodes?? (Ongoing)
Running Time24 minutes
LanguageJapanese (Hindi Sub)
RatingPG-13 - Teens 13 or older

The Fable 


"Fable" is a feared professional killer with an anthracite-colored Nighthawk pistol, capable of sending targets six feet under in six seconds. His sponsor orders him to lead the life of an ordinary citizen in a yakuza clan hideout in Osaka, ban on killing or attacking anyone for a year. Despite his unpredictable temperament, surrounded by trigger-happy criminals, the hardest contract begins for this unpredictable human weapon.

Other Details:

The Fable - Characters

The Fable

A hitman known for his quiet and skilled nature.

Yoko (Akira Sato)

The Fable's female assistant and driver, ordered to lay low for a year.


The Fable's boss, who assigns him jobs and orders him to take a year off to lay low in Osaka with the Maguro clan.

Misaki Shimizu

A woman with long brown hair and a photographic memory who lives near The Fable and his assistant.

Jackal Tomioka

A popular comedian who The Fable finds funny.

Hiroshi Hamada

The chief in the Maguro clan, who accepts the arrangement to shelter The Fable and his assistant.

Takeshi Ebihara

The captain in the Ebihara Maguro clan, suspicious of Akira's motives.


A lowly member of the Maguro clan.


Another lowly member of the Maguro clan.


A lowly member of the Maguro clan.

Etsuji Kainuma

Another lowly member of the Maguro clan.

Master, Kazuya Ichijō, Yūki Kawai

Voiced by Yuki Kaji.

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