Date A Live Season 5 hindi subbed (05)

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Date A Live V Hindi Subbed - Anime information

Anime NameDate A Live V
Japanese NameDate A Live V
Anime Genre


Total Episodes12 (Ongoing)
Running Time24 minutes
LanguageJapanese (Hindi Sub)
RatingPG-16 - Teens 16 or older

Date A Live


Despite the severa challenges he has overcome so far, Shidou Itsuka’s mission with Ratatoskr is a long way from over. In a departure from his every day routine, Shidou encounters a ravenous girl mendacity on the road and ends up assisting her. After the two arrive at her apartment, the girl introduces herself as Nia Honjou—a famous manga artist working below a pen name. However, slicing straight to the chase, Nia exhibits that she is additionally a Spirit and is conscious of Shidou’s secret operation. Interested in seeing his charisma firsthand, Nia challenges Shidou to win her over on a date. As he strives for an probability to seal her powers, Shidou learns extra about Nia and her records with Deus Ex Machina Industries, a title he is all too acquainted with 

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